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Mark Henderson, is an established professional in the film industry. He has a wide-range of experience in feature films, music videos, TV commercials, live shows, and many other forms of film and entertainment. Over the years, Mark Henderson has held many positions in the film business. Mark began his career with a degree in commercial art and photography from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. Currently, he works on many of the nation's highest-profile productions.


Many of GET-A-GRIP ATLANTA's crew members are nationally known and are of the highest caliber. All members of the GET-A-GRIP ATLANTA team will strive to make your production the very best!


These services available directly via GET-A-GRIP ATLANTA and/or our trusted vendors. By dealing with GET-A-GRIP ATLANTA for your other professional services, you know you will be hiring professionals who are considered the best in Atlanta and have the best reputations. This department was created to be a convenience to our many out-of-town national and global clients.  - Assistant Directors - Craft Services - Line Producers - Location Managers - Location Scouts - Production Assistants - Production Coordinators - Production Managers - Script and Continuity - Casting Directors - Art Department - Production Designers - Scenic Artists - Set Construction - Storyboard Artists - Lab Services - Dailies - Camera Rental: Film and Video - Location Recording - Music Video Playback - Special Effects - Teleprompters - Makeup/Hair/Wardrobe - Many others!

Gaffer Atlanta  


Usher's Justin Bieber Interview, The Village/BBC Television Show/Special Effects, FOX Sports NFL Football/Jeff Daniels (Dumb and Dumber To)/GA Dome "Eat it up!" Promo for Dome/NBC Matt Lauer, Interviews with Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro and Kevin Klein.. Geico insurance in-house video, Microsoft Product launch video, International Charity Poker Event (to air on ESPN2), U.S. ARMY, Arrested Development music video, Volkswagen Racing, American Cancer Society, "Women who won". Aerial HD shoot, Astrom Nuclear Power. (Just released Feature Film) Second Unit Director of Photography for... "Forget About It" starring Burt Reynolds, Rachel Welch and Charles Durning. Atlanta Hawks JumboTron, MLB/ESPN series, Chic-Fil-A Bowl promotion, "Speeders" TV show, Volvo and MACK trucks promotion, Anti-METH PSA commercial, WebMD doctors conference, Bank of America program featuring Hank Aaron. American Idol, "The Next Great American Band", Feature film for HBO Films starring Chris Rock, multi-camera HD shoot, Pepsi, Whole Foods (Harry's), WebMD, Interview CEO of Coca-Cola, UPS training films, Final Four Tournament for CBS, Walmart spot with Jerome Bettis "The Bus" (NFL), Chris Daugherty of American Idol @ The Tabernacle, TV Commercials for Nalley Car Dealerships, Bad Boyz Music Video, Stone Mountain Dodge, Microsoft Racing game/Reality racing show (12 day, 5 camera Sony F-900 shoot), Chickamauga Feature Film short, Pit and Crow 35mm film music video, Gladys Knight commercial, Maytag commercial, Coors/CNN Anti-drinking and driving campaign. (Major League Baseball) ESPN show: Gamers (John Krok, John Smoltz, Dusty Baker), Jermaine Dupri's Dem' Franchise Boys Music Video, Culinary Arts for Atlanta Art Institue (Multi-camera HD shoot), Sony Pictures Vickie Wynann Music Video "Love" (35mm film), Grace (Five-camera shoot, live to tape mix) Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stones/Allman Brothers Band/Black Crowes/Eric Clapton/George Harrison) for Stihl Chains Saws. George Huff (Americal Idol) music video, Cee Lo and SEED music video, IBM 35mm film national show, Joe Namath Arthritis Huddle (2), MTV RoomRaiders (2), Nanny 911, CNN Aston, 2006 Trumpet Awards, 2006 Torino Winter Olympics, Atlanta Motor Speedway TV commercial with Travis Tritt, World Changers Ministry promotion, DataPath (Top-secret communications), Georgia State feature short, LAST ADAM feature film, Joe Namath, Arthritis Huddle, Medical Crossover, Briggs and Stratton commercial, Forget About It (Burt Reynolds, Rachel Welch & Charles Durning) MTV Room Raiders, Dirty Laundry music video, Vickie Wynann Music Video Marching Band, I-20 East Music Video ATL, When I find the ocean feature film starring Lee Majors, The Croquet Game, HD Feature-Length Film, Tru Green TV Commercial, Atlanta OPEN campaign, SEED music video, China Connection DVD, Asian 3000 music video, Emory Healthcare video, The NEXT, Showtime TV Show, American Idol (2 seasons), Fox Television Show (Highest rated show in FOX history) Son of Man, Feature Film Trailer Ludacris, 35mm, Music Video Ward Boys, 35mm, Music Video Pure-A-Tech, National TV Commercial Creflo Dollar CWM, 16mm, Music Video Dea', 35mm, Music Video Jermaine Dupri, 35mm, Music Video Big Ain't Bad, 35mm, Feature Film Good Neighbor, 35mm, Feature Film The Naked Truth, 35mm, Feature Film The Northerner, 35mm, Feature Film Mamma's Boy, 35mm, Feature Film Twinge 16mm, Feature Film Father MC, 35mm, Music Video Six Piece, 35mm, Music Video St. Lunatics, 35mm, Music Video Three Girls, 35mm, Music Video Stuck Mojo, S16mm, Music Video Untouchables, 35mm, TV Commercial NAPA, BetaSP productionHair Fro 35mm, TV Commercial G-Group 16mm, Music Video New Birth, 35mm, Music Video BTV 35mm, TV Promo Mystical 35mm, Music Video Storm Warnings, DigiBeta TV Show Home Depot, Beta SP, Corp. Show Magical 35mm, Music Video Pool Room Savvy, 35mm, Feature Trailer Rainbow 16mm, Movie-Trailer Lawyer's Talk, DigiBeta, Inst. Video Crawford/ Books 35mm, TV Commercial California Pizza, Lighting Show Atlanta 1996 Summer Olympics, Live Events Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics, Live Events Salt Lake City 2002 Olympics, Live Events, Athens Greece 2004 Summer Olympics, Live Event Jadakiss/Jawan, 35mm, Music Video Tupac Shakur's Father, Television Program Interview Unbeweavable, 35mm, Feature Film Short Mr. Flipp, 35mm, Music Video The Divinity, 35mm, Music Video Of Age 35mm, Music Video Vista Bath 35mm, TV Commercial Sara, EPK (Electronic Press Kit (Dreamworks / Gary Kurtz) WAR, 35mm, Music Video Abstain from Sex, DigiBeta, National Educational Campaign Unjust Cause, 35mm, Feature Film Short (Won Showtime Award) Been There, Done That; S16mm, Music Video Thurbert Baker, 35mm, TV Commercial / State Attorney General YMCA, DigiBeta, TV Comm Playa's Ball, 35mm, Feature Film Dan Reeves/Falcon's Coach, 35mm, National TV Commercial / Zocor Coca-Cola, 35mm, National TV Commercial Powerade, 35mm, National TV Commercial National Pork Foundation, 35mm, National TV Commercial Miracle 35mm, Music Video Bubba Sparxx 35mm, Music Video Dirty 35mm, Music Video St. Lunatics 35mm, Music Video Channel 5, Fox News 35mm, Sports' Promo Saxophone Church 35mm, Music Video Stage Ballet, 35mm, THE COMPOUND music video, Music Video Dreamz 16mm, Short Feature Good Neighbor 35mm, Feature Film (Stars Billy De Williams/Star Wars)

Scores of other projects, also.  


Your crew (GET-A-GRIP ATLANTA) was really great to work with! They made the shoot smooth and enjoyable. I wish I could take you guys with me everywhere! Please send a sincere thank you to all of them for me. Thanks again -- Katie, Major League Baseball Productions.

"Mark Henderson and his group were extremely professional and Mark knows his stuff." -- T.Dallas Smith, Producer/Writer for Church Detectives

 "Mark, Terry and Chris worked hard from the beginning to the end of the project. They definitely get an "A" on our project." -- George I. Folkes, Producer/Director  

"The GET-A-GRIP ATLANTA crew was extremely flexible, hardworking and always willing to help. They fit my budget and time constraints to a "T"! -- Jim Burer, Son of Man Productions  

"Whenever I'm doing a music video and I want hassel free grip and lighting services... I just call Mark Henderson at GET-A-GRIP ATLANTA." - Cliff Lyttle, Mecca Motion Pictures  

"GET-A-GRIP ATLANTA was professional and fun to work with. I would recommend them to any director looking for a professional crew! - Darnell J. Anderson, Director

Gaffer Atlanta ... Production crews Atlanta


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Gaffer Atlanta ... Production crews Atlanta